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Platform Scale

The platform scales provided by Huaying Weighing Apparatus come in various sizes and optional configurations. For example, some scales come with LED displays, while others can be shipped with LCD displays. They are also available in various voltages and accumulator capacities. These options will be useful depending on your specific application.

    1. TCS-200 30*40 Industrial Counting Precision Platform Scale TCS-200 30*40 industrial counting precision platform scale has many advantages. For example, this scale has high accuracy sensor, this scale can weigh items very accurately and can measure 1/30000kg, this scale only need one step to be folded and this process is very simple, this scale is easily placed in small space and this scale has durable stainless steel button.
    1. TCS-200 32*42 Industrial Digital Platform Precision Scale Tcs-200 32*42 industrial digital platform precision scale provided by Huaying Weighing Apparatus has many optional configurations. For example, this scale has LED and LCD display for option,this scale has many types of outlook of displayer for option, this scale has 110V and 220V for AC voltage for option.
    1. TCS-300 40*50 Price Computing Platform Scale TCS-300 40*50 price computing platform scale has many parameters as follows. This scale has weighing capacity from 0kg to 300kg. This scale's working voltage is AC 220V(-15%-+10%). This scale's power frequency is 50HZ±2HZ. This scale's battery capacity is 6V 4AH/4V 4AH.