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Smart Wireless Scale

Smart wireless scales are primarily used to weigh small items, such as produce, fish, hardware and postal packages. Our smart scales feature a number of advantages, including a display made of stainless steel (on which a company logo can be screen printed or laser engraved) and a long stand by period. Once fully charged, these scales will remain so for a month if remaining in standby mode.

    1. TCS-R Precision Wireless Pallet Scale The TSC-R precision wireless pallet scale has many advantages, including a high definiton screen for easy readout of information, a stainless steel displayer, and the ability to screen print or laser engrave company logos on the surface.
    1. TCS-R-S Price Computing Wireless Scale This precision wireless pallet scale is suitable for weighing produce, fish, hardware, postal packages and other small materials. This precision wireless pallet scale is known for its accuracy and precision weighing and sensing performance.