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High-voltage insulation test
  • High-low temperature test

    1. High-low temperature test
    The product is heated to 40℃ for five hours and then cooled to -20℃ for five hours. Then, we test the performance of the scale for accuracy.

  • High-voltage insulation test

    2. High-voltage insulation test
    At AC 1500V, we test the product's leakage current to measure its insulation performance.

  • Components performance test

    3. Components performance test

  • Durability test

    4. Durability test
    In simulated usage environments, we perform durability test with product to know whether product accords with the times of requirement usage.

  • Measurement test

    5. Measurement test
    In the range from minimum weighing value to maximum value, we use a variety of weights to perform the product measurement accuracy test. Qualified products measure within the allotted error range, which is kept to a minimum.

  • Constant temperature and humidity test

    6. Constant temperature and humidity test
    We test the product's performance in at 40℃, 80%Rh and -20 ℃, 40%Rh respectively.

  • Standards
  • Standards
  • Standards

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