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Height Weight Scale

  • Height Weight Scale
  • Height Weight Scale
  • Height Weight Scale

The height and weight scale is designed to measure a person’s height and weight.

1. This scale is equipped with a highly precise sensor that can weigh people in an extremely accurate manner.
2. The stand column is made of stainless steel, with the measuring rod made of aluminum, both of which are strong, durable materials.
3. This equipment features a large, high definition screen for an easy, clear readout of information.
4. The working platform is layered with a silicone pad in order to ensure a non-slip grip when people use the scale without shoes, thus preventing injuries and accidents.
5. The foot pad features an outstanding elasticity and a great ground non-slip performance to keep the scale from sliding and potentially causing injuries.
6. The working platform is designed with rounded corners in order to prevent people from getting cut or scratched when they go barefoot.
7. The scale can have company logos printed on it. The company's logo can be printed on this equipment.
8. This boy weight scale has an extra-long standby mode. Once it is fully charged, it will remain that way for one month when in standby mode.

1. Weighing range: 0~40kg
2. AC characteristics
(1) Working voltage: AC 220V(-15%-+10%)
(2) Power frequency: 50HZ±2HZ
(3) Power consumption: 2VA<digit electronic weighing unit<8VA
(4) 0.2VA<liquid crystal electronic weighing unit<1VA
3. DC characteristics
(1) Battery capacity: 6V 4AH/4V 4AH
(2) Rated power: DC 6V/DC 4V
4. Accuracy level: III
5. Working environment
(1) Regulation working temperature: -25℃~+45℃
(2) Humidity (year average): ≤75%RH

Optional configuration
1. Display: LED display or LCD display
2. AC voltage: 110V or 220V
3. Accumulator capacity: 4V4Ah or 6V4Ah
4. Company logos can be printed on this equipment.
5. We offer this scale in a variety of colors for customers to choose from.

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