Huaying Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. in an expert manufacturer, specializing in the design and manufacturing of weight measurement products, including lab scales, price computing scales, and floor scales among many others. When it comes to scales, particularly those used in business, accuracy can be the difference between profits and losses. Huaying scales are tested and calibrated to weigh with accuracy and reliability that will have your mind at ease.

Price Computing Scale Precision Balance
Platform Scale
Smart Wireless Scale
Laboratory Balance

The laboratory balance is used for a variety of applications, including teaching, science analysis, counting, nutrition analysis and weighing high value item

Hanging Scales

Hanging scales are often used in supermarkets, hardware stores, butcher shops and other areas to weigh vegetables, fish, hardware, postal packages and other materials.

Height Weight Scale

The height and weight scale is designed to measure a person's height and weight.

Body Weight Scale

The body weight scale is designed to measure a person's weight.

Label Printing Scale

The label printing scale is designed to weigh vegetables, fish, hardware, postal packages and other small amounts of materials, compute the price, then print a label to be placed on the material being weighed.

Floor Scale

Floor scales are widely used for weighing applications in different industries, including logistics, postal, metalworking, farm productions, aquaculture and more.

Founded in 1996, Yongkang Huaying Weighing Apparatus Co. is a designer and manufacturer of a broad range of weighing equipment. From our small scales such as tour lab scales and kitchen scales all the way to our large industrial scale equipment, Huaying covers all of your possible weighing needs.

We utilize 68 sets of CNC machining centers, 56 automatic welding robots, 20 automatic glue coaters, 2 full-automatic electrostatic spray coating lines, 5 large-scale press brakes and shear machines, 95 sets of hydraulic equipment, 43 injection molding machines, and 1 fully automatic printing line.

The product is heated to 40℃ for five hours and then cooled to -20℃ for five hours. Then, we test the performance of the scale for accuracy.