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Floor Scale

Floor Scale

Floor scales are widely used for weighing applications in different industries, including logistics, postal, metalworking, farm productions, aquaculture and more.

1. The floor weighing equipment is known for its outstanding precision and accuracy, with the ability to weigh items to within 1/30,000kgm.
2. This scale features multiple beams for a reinforced durability.
3. The floor scale is equipped with a universal support foot made of alloy steel for a stronger, more convenient structure
4. This equipment features a rat guard to prevent rodents from getting in and chewing through the circuitry.
5. This scale has a 4mm pattern-steel plate with an electrostatic sprayed surface.
6. This equipment is equipped with a high definition screen to make reading of data clear and easy.
7. We can screen print company logos on the surface of the scale display.
8. This equipment features a long standby period. After a full charge, it can remain fully charged in standby for a month.

1. Weighing range
Working platform maximum value
800mm*1000mm 1T
1000 mm*1000 mm 1T、2T、3T
1200 mm*1200 mm 1T、2T、3T
1200 mm*1500 mm 2T、3T
1500 mm*1500 mm 2T、3T
2000 mm*2000 mm 2T、3T、5T
2000 mm*3000 mm 2T、3T、5T

Comment: Customers can request specific sizes of the working platform, the maximum weighing capacity and division characteristics.

2. AC characteristics
(1) Working voltage: AC 220V(-15%-+10%)
(2) Power frequency: 50HZ±2HZ
(3) Power consumption: 2VA<digit electronic weighing equipment<8VA
(4) 0.2VA<liquid crystal digit weighing equipment<1VA
3. DC characteristics
(1) Battery capacity: 6V 4AH/4V 4AH
(2) Rated power: DC 6V/DC 4V
4. Accuracy level: III
5. Working environment
(1) Regulation working temperature: -25℃~+45℃
(2) Humidity (year average): ≤75%RH
6. Working platform: length 400mm*width 300mm

Optional configuration
1. Display: LED display or LCD display
2. We provide different types of outlook displayers for customers to choose from.
3. AC voltage: 110V or 220V
4. Accumulator capacity: 4V4Ah or 6V4Ah
5. We provide different color options for customers to choose from.
6. We can also print company logos on the scale.

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