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Body Weight Scale

  • Body Weight Scale
  • Body Weight Scale
  • Body Weight Scale

The body weight scale is designed to measure a person’s weight.

  • Body Weight Scale
  • Body Weight Scale

1. The body weight scale is equipped with a high precision sensor that weighs people within extremely accurate measurements.
2. This equipment is outfitted with a high quality stalinite, which can bear up to 150g.
3. The glass corners on the scale are smooth and rounded due to a polishing process in order to prevent user injury.
4. This scale has a large, high definition screen in order to allow for an easy, clear reading of the weight results.
5. This scale has a foot pad that is highly elastic and a great ground gripping performance, preventing people from slipping and falling off the scale.
6. Companies can have their logo printed on the body weight scale.
7. This scale features an extra-long standby mode. After it is fully charged, it will remain so for up to one month in standby mode.

1. Weighing range: 0.2~150kg
2. Accuracy level: III
3. Working environment
(1) Regulation working temperature: -25℃~+45℃
(2) Humidity (year average): ≤75%RH
4. Working platform: we can customize the scale according to specific customer needs.

Optional configuration
1. Display: LED display or LCD display
2. Users can choose from various types for displayer outlooks.
3. This scale is available in multiple color options.
4. Users can have their own individual company logo screen printed on the working platform.

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