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Label Printing Scale

  • Label Printing Scale
  • Label Printing Scale

The label printing scale is designed to weigh vegetables, fish, hardware, postal packages and other small amounts of materials, compute the price, then print a label to be placed on the material being weighed.

1. This produce scale is equipped with a high precision sensor to ensure an accurate weighing performance.
2. This equipment can edit, set and save text information, such as a company name, shop/establishment name, or personalized marketing materials.
3. This scale can apply establishment discounts, as well as ignoring small change counts. This means that when the scale displays prices, unit price and total price discounts are already applied, as well as displayed within a price range.
4. If the printing button don't work due to long term use, users can replace the printing button with the paper feed button.
5. This small scale can generate and print statistical forms in 11 different types, including daily form, summary form, and detailed form to make management analysis easy.
6. This equipment features a large, high definition screen to ensure users can read information clearly and easily.
7. Customers can print their logo on this equipment.
8. This scale features an extra-long standby period, meaning that once fully charged, it can remain so for up to one month in standby mode.

1. Weighing range: 0~60kg
2. AC characteristics
(1) Working voltage: AC 220V(-15%-+10%)
(2) Power frequency: 50HZ±2HZ
(3) Power consumption: 2VA<electronic digit scale<8VA
(4) 0.2VA<electronic liquid crystal scale<1VA
3. DC characteristics
(1) Battery capacity: 6V 4AH/4V 4AH
(2) Rated power: DC 6V/DC 4V
4. Accuracy level: III
5. Working environment
(1) Regulation working temperature: -25℃~+45℃
(2) Humidity (year average): ≤75%RH
6. Operating system: The setting software on the upper computer installed on this scale is compatible with Windows 7 or higher, Excel 2007 and Access 2007 or higher versions.
7. Printer parameters
(1) Printing method: thermosensitivity
(2) Printing speed: 75mm/s
(3) Printing width: 56mm (Max.)
(4) Scroll width: 60mm (Max.)
(5) Scroll external diameter: 50mm (Max.)
(6) Scroll inner diameter: 15mm (Min.)

Optional configuration
1. Display: LED display or LCD display
2. AC voltage: 110V or 220V
3. Accumulator capacity: 4V4Ah or 6V4Ah
4. Part of scale plate can be screen printed.

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