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TCS-R Precision Wireless Pallet Scale

  • TCS-R Precision Wireless Pallet Scale
  • TCS-R Precision Wireless Pallet Scale

This precision wireless pallet scale is suitable for weighing produce, fish, hardware, postal packages and other small materials.

1. This precision wireless pallet scale is known for its accuracy and precision weighing and sensing performance.
2. This scale can transfer data to a separate display mode via Bluetooth, at a distance of up to 40 meters.
3. The smart scale is equipped with a handle, making it easy to move the scale around for various needs.
4. We provide a bag for the display. Users can put the display in the bag, then hang it from your waist or other location for portable use of the scale.
6. This equipment features a high definition scale to make readouts fast and easy.
7. The precision wireless scale scale's displayer is made of stainless steel and can have company logos screen printed or laser engraved on the surface.
8. This scale has an extra-long standby mode, and will remain fully charged for one month in standby mode after a full charge.
9. This scale's platform is made of iron with a spray treated surface.

1. Weighing capacity
Working platform Maximum value
320mm*420mm 200kg
420mm*520mm 300kg
520mm*620mm 600kg

2. AC characteristics
(1) Working voltage: AC 220V(-15%-+10%)
(2) Power frequency: 50HZ±2HZ
(3) Power consumption: 2VA<digit electronic scale<8VA
(4) 0.2VA<liquid crystal electronic scale<1VA
3. DC characteristics
(1) Battery capacity: 6V 4AH/4V 4AH
(2) Rated power: DC 6V/DC 4V
4. Accuracy level: III
5. Working environment
(1) Regulation working temperature: -25℃~+45℃
(2) Humidity (year average): ≤75%RH
6. Working platform: length 400mm*width 300mm

Optional configuration
1. Display: LED display or LCD display
2. Users can choose from a multitude of outlook displayers.
3. AC voltage: 110V or 220V
4. Battery capacity: 4V4Ah or 6V4Ah
5. We provide different shell colors for customers to choose from.
6. Some parts of the scale can be screen printed.

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